Body Literacy

Your body is not a mystery. It has a language and you can learn it!

Discover what you weren’t taught in Sex Ed….

    -Anatomy & Physiology of the Feminine Ecosystem

-Anatomy of Sexual Arousal

-How to track signs of fertility for overall health

-Hormone and device free contraception that is over 98% effective*

-Tools to enhance chances of conception and healthy pregnancy

-Lifelong, empowering practices for self-care and self-advocacy

*A 2007 study found the Sympto-Thermal method of Fertility Awareness to be over 98% effective when learned and used correctly. (This is NOT the “Rhythm Method”!)

What is Fertility Awareness?

Fertility awareness methods are used by people with reproductive bodies / people with ovaries and uteruses*. They consist of observing, charting, and interpreting your body’s fertility signals on a daily basis. This class series is open to cycling people of all ages and gender identities, is identity-affirming, secular, and trauma-informed.

Who is Fertility Awareness for?
  • Anyone trying to conceive or thinking about trying to conceive and looking for info on how to support your body and how to work with your natural rhythms for optimum fertility.
  • Anyone wanting to learn an alternative, empowering, hormone-free, 98% effective contraception and a practice of cycle charting that will benefit you throughout your entire life!
  • Anyone who wants to learn radical tools to support your own reproductive and hormonal health, gain a deeper understanding of how your endocrine system works in conjunction with other body systems for overall health and vitality.
  • Anyone who wants to understand how your hormones relate to specific conditions and how to support yourself naturally with things such as thyroid issues, PCOS, endometriosis and much more.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to better advocate for themselves with providers and become the top expert on your OWN body and needs.
Our reproductive systems are an incredible and intricate network designed to work in perfect harmony. Our bodies mirror the interconnectedness of the natural world, in a continual dynamic relationship with our inner and outer environment. Learning the language your cycles is an empowering tool for gauging and supporting overall health. Until we are reconnected with our natural cycles, our primal intelligence and the deep intuition in our bodies we remain severed from our source of wisdom and power. The seasons of our animal bodies, the circle of death and rebirth, planting, harvesting and regeneration, are the sacred heartbeat of family and community and place. The longer we divorce reproductive bodies from this deep wisdom the longer we perpetuate suppression of the Feminine and our connection to nature. When we reclaim our bodies and honor the living wisdom inside us, we remember who we are and our interconnection with all living beings.

I am also a Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, RYT-300 Hr. and Body Literacy Coach and Fertility Awareness Practitioner. My passion for helping people reconnect with and find healing in their bodies is rooted in my own journey with health issues. The winding path that I am still traveling has taught me that “wholeness” is not predicated on any particular health status but an ongoing daily dialogue and co-creative process with the wisdom of our amazing and unique bodies. I love to help others facilitate this relationship with themselves. I support the exploration of the language of our physical beings and the learning that healing is not an end point but is ever-unfolding, often unexpected, coming home to ourselves. Mindfulness based practices help us to meet ourselves in each moment exactly where we are at which is where healing and transformation can take place.

I also offer one on one coaching for reconnecting and healing the relationship with body (a combination of talk, mindfulness based practices, breathing, somatic movement, guided meditation, writing, art.) I offer a variety of tools and practices customized to your needs and what feels resonant and supportive.
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