bio picI am currently completing my internship hours toward certification as a a Holistic Sexual & Reproductive Health Educator through Grace of the Moon. As part of my graduation requirements I am offering a 3 part class series at a one-time only low price of $99 for all three classes which will be supervised by my mentor. I will also be offering 1 on 1 follow up consultations by donation. 

Body Literacy & Fertility Awareness Class Series …Coming Spring 2020

Your body is not a mystery. It has a language and you can learn it!

Discover what you weren’t taught in Sex Ed….

    -Anatomy & Physiology of the Feminine Ecosystem

-Anatomy of Sexual Arousal

-How to track signs of fertility for overall health

-Hormone and device free contraception that is over 98.2% effective*

-Tools to enhance chances of conception and healthy pregnancy

-Lifelong, empowering practices for self-care and self-advocacy

*A 2007 study found the Sympto-Thermal method of Fertility Awareness to be over 98% effective when learned and used correctly. (This is NOT the “Rhythm Method”!)

What is Fertility Awareness?

Fertility awareness methods are used by people with reproductive bodies / people with ovaries and uteruses*. They consist of observing, charting, and interpreting your body’s fertility signals on a daily basis. This class series is open to cycling people of all ages and gender identities, is identity-affirming, secular, and trauma-informed.


Spring 2020 dates TBA



Our reproductive systems are an incredible and intricate network designed to work in perfect harmony. Our bodies mirror the interconnectedness of the natural world, in a continual dynamic relationship with our inner and outer environment. Learning the language your cycles is an empowering tool for gauging and supporting overall health. Until we are reconnected with our natural cycles, our primal intelligence and the deep intuition in our bodies we remain severed from our source of wisdom and power. The seasons of our animal bodies, the circle of death and rebirth, planting, harvesting and regeneration, are the sacred heartbeat of family and community and place. The longer we divorce reproductive bodies from this deep wisdom the longer we perpetuate suppression of the Feminine and our connection to nature. When we reclaim our bodies and honor the living wisdom inside us, we remember who we are and our interconnection with all living