smile2A woman connected to her natural cycles, her primal intelligence and the deep intuition in her body is a woman connected from Her true source of wisdom and power. The seasons of her body, the circle of death and rebirth, light and darkness, planting, harvesting and regeneration, are a sacred heartbeat for our families and communities. The longer we divorce women from their bodies the longer we perpetuate feminine suppression and disconnection from our place as interconnected with all living beings. When a woman reclaims Her body and honors the living wisdom inside Her, we remember who we are and our place upon the Earth.

I am currently in a certification program training to become a Reproductive & Sexual Health Educator and Fertility Awareness Instructor. Words cannot express how excited I am for this work! I will be offering a Body Literacy workshop series in Fall 2019 which will be an intro to the feminine ecosystem and cycle charting for those who are ready to dip your toes into Fertility Awareness and understanding your hormonal health.

Women, cycling bodies and people with ovaries…your body is not a “mystery.”

It is profound, it is holy, it is a portal, it is divine.

Your reproductive system is a incredible and intricate network designed to work in perfect harmony. Our bodies mirror the interconnectedness of the natural world. Your body is in a continual dynamic relationship with our inner and outer environment. Learning the language your cycles is an empowering tool for gauging and supporting overall health.

What is Fertility Awareness?

Fertility awareness methods are used by people with reproductive bodies / people with ovaries and uteruses*. They consist of observing, charting, and interpreting your body’s fertility signals on a daily basis: 1) your temperature when you first wake up in the morning, 2) cervical fluid, and 3) the texture and position of your cervix.

I teach a sympto-thermal method, which may be used as a tool for:

preventing** OR achieving pregnancy

• observing and tracking menstrual and hormonal symptoms over time

• monitoring overall health and hormonal balance. Every cycle is a detailed road map to understanding your body better and understanding how you can support vitality.

My practice is identity-affirming, secular, and trauma-informed. As an intern, in 2019 I’ll be offering 1-on-1s and workshops, both online and in person.

* The majority of resources about fertility awareness are cis- and hetero-normative. It is my intention and a work in progress to create and compile fertility awareness resources that are LGBTQIA+ inclusive.

**A 2007 study found that a similar method was over 99% effective for avoiding/preventing pregnancy (the Petra Frank-Herrmann study, should you want to look it up). This is NOT the rhythm method!

Contact me here if you want to be on the mailing list for workshop info, have questions or are interested in learning more. I would love to hear from you!