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I’m Anna Grace.
Artist. Writer. Activist. Mother. Yoga Teacher.
Fertility Awareness & Sexual Health Educator.
Woods-wanderer. Beach-comber. Truth-teller.
Still Becoming. 

We are all here to remember our own unique wild magic and decide how we are going to use it. 

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” – Joseph Campbell

I have been an artist my whole life but not truly pursue this passion until 2016. Challenging life experiences drew me back to the greatest medicine of creating art. Sharing my artwork with the world has been a courageous, healing, transformative journey for me. I continues to be fascinated by the spiritual process of creativity and the power it holds to stir and inspire, provoke thought, emotion or new ideas not only in myself but in those who are drawn to my work. My strong belief is that we are all artists and making art is our birthright. Art creates resilience. Art is resistance. Art is hope.

I draw endless inspiration from all things that grow wild, sacred geometry, alchemy, the spiritual element and everyday magic all around. I am inspired by creativity as a spiritual process. 

Art is sacred.  Art is language for the story we tell on the canvas of our lives. When we create with aligned intention something magical happens, we can create art that heals, inspires, ignites, and touches something deep in the human experience. The act of creating is the most fundamental abilities we have as human beings. We are always creating whether we realize it or not. 

A lot of my pieces are actually medicine pieces. My process of intentional creativity for spiritual is involves visualization, meditation, words, ancient symbols and sigils, the elements, the phases of the moon, and many levels/layers before the final piece emerges. Each one is it’s own unique journey. These pieces go out into the world as prayers, as declarations, as portals that can draw us back to the Sacred.

I am also a Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, RYT-300 Hr and Body Literacy Coach and Fertility Awareness Practitioner. My passion for helping people reconnect with and find healing in their bodies is rooted in my own journey with health issues. The winding path that I am still traveling has taught me that “wholeness” is not predicated on any particular health status but an ongoing daily dialogue and co-creative process with the wisdom of our amazing and unique bodies. I love to help others facilitate this relationship with themselves. I support the exploration of the language of our physical beings and the learning that healing is not an end point but is ever-unfolding, often unexpected, coming home to ourselves. Mindfulness based practices help us to meet ourselves in each moment exactly where we are at which is where healing and transformation can take place.

I offer one on one coaching for reconnecting and healing the relationship with body (a combination of talk, mindfulness based practices, breathing, somatic movement, guided meditation, writing, art.) I offer a variety of tools and practices customized to your needs and what feels resonant and supportive.

If you feel like I can support in your healing journey, please reach out. Schedule a free 15 min consultation, or email me at yoursovereignbody@gmail.com and we can explore what your needs are and how I may be able to support you.